About Us


Going Kindly

where no one has gone before, until now!

Trek Long Island is a new Science Fiction convention hosted by the Library for the Kind . The Library for the Kind promotes books and  resources that celebrate diversity, inclusion, gender equality, LGBTQ+ and kindness. The organization is run by, you guessed it, librarians!

My hope for this convention is to share how Trek has celebrated diversity and inclusion since it was gifted to the world in 1966!  What can you expect to see at Trek Long Island?  Anything spanning from in-depth discussions about TOS, Trek's influence on Modern Day, Autism in Space, Gender on the Enterprise (They, Him, Her, Xi) and more!  I will be reaching out to celebrity guests that share this view of kindness too! 

I want attendees to walk into Trek Long Island and know that they can be themselves or cosplay whoever they want. 🙂  You be You!