Conversations: During panels and interviews, please do not engage in loud conversation. It is ok to
whisper briefly to a neighbor or friend. If you wish to have a conversation, please leave the auditorium
to do so. Anyone engaging in loud or disruptive conversation will be asked to leave the auditorium.
Q and A’s:
 Panels will take questions on a first-come, first-served basis. Question lines will form at the
designated microphones in the auditorium.
 If you ask a question, please keep in mind that you are representing the fandom and everyone in
the audience, therefore, please make sure your questions allow for our mutual shared time with
the celebrities to be enjoyable, interesting, and entertaining for all (including the guest) and not
personal or political in nature.
 It is not permissible to ask for hugs, ask for follows on social media, tell personal stories, tell the
actor how much you love them (we all do, that’s why we’re here!) or how much they have
affected your life.
 Shouting from the audience or heckling may result in being asked to leave without refund.
Gift giving: If you have gifts for our guests, please give them to Trek Long Island Information Desk and
they will be passed along. Gift giving to our celebrity guests will not be permitted during panels.

 Q-Pass holders have priority autographing privileges and can enter at the front of the autograph
line at any time.
 For all other attendees, autograph lines will be first-come first-serve.
 Please have your item out and ready for autographing.
 If you would like your item personalized, a volunteer will be available to provide a post-it for you
to write your name and please position the post it on the item where you would like it to be
 When you come to getting your autograph from the celebrity, by all means exchange some
words and brief conversation but please do not hold up the line. Other people are patiently
waiting behind you and want their turn as well. The autograph line is not a meet and greet.