Fabulous Final Frontier Fashion show


All registered members of Trek Long Island are welcome to participate regardless of race, color, religion, gender ID, age, size or ability. So whether you're Hoo-man, Ferengi, android, an energy entity, or a silicon life form, we want to see your costumes. (In the case of silicon life forms, please warn us in advance so we can protect the floors)

Costumes can be from any era of any Trek show, an original design, purchased or made by hand, individual or a group effort. Entries can be hand constructed, purchased, or a combination of both. You do not have to be a master class costumer to participate. There is no competition or judging, so we're all here to have fun.

All participants must attend the Saturday afternoon Masquerade Pre-Meeting. You can sign up in advance or at the meeting. Rules and registration forms will be available here on the website, at the Info Desk during the convention, and from your Director of Costumed Events, Jan Fennick.

Registration Rules

Every entrant must be a registered attendee of Trek Long Island. 

You (or a representative of your group) must attend the Pre-Masquerade Meeting on Saturday afternoon. Failure to attend the meeting (without making previous arrangements with the Director of Costumed Events) will result in your entry being taken out of the event. More information on this important meeting can be found later in these rules.

Entrants of all ages are welcome! However, anyone under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Entrants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the entry form.

The number of Costume Fashion Show entry slots will be limited. Once the number of entries reaches 45, the Director of Costumed Events reserves the right to cut off registration for the event. This limitation exists because of the amount of time allocated to the Fashion Show. The actual cut-off will be determined on-site the Saturday of the convention, and will be based on number of entries, number of people in each entry, and the time of day the 45th entry is received.

Pre-Fashion Show Meeting and Cosplay Room

The Pre-Fashion Show Meeting will take place on Saturday afternoon. Each entry must be represented, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Director. The Fashion Show staff will review your paperwork with you, and will inform you about the meet up room times and procedures.

Why is this meeting mandatory? It benefits you to attend, because you will know where to be when for the Fashion Show, and you will be assured that the Fashion Show staff understands your requirements. It also benefits the Fashion Show staff, because by meeting with you prior to the event, we will get a real sense of what you-and everyone else- will be doing. This sense will help in planning a running order and determining the final number of allowed entries.

The set up room will open approximately 90 minutes before the scheduled Fashion Show start time. There you will have the opportunity to put on the last bits of your costume, meet with the MC, and generally chill. Because of the limited size of the room, only entrants, entrant assistants and Fashion Show staff will be allowed in the room. Photographs and videos are fine as long as they are of you and your group. Please ask permission before photographing/filming anyone else.

Cosplay does not equal Consent!

Costume Rules

You may appear on stage more than once, as a solo entry and as part of a group effort.

This is a family show. Please keep your costuming to a PG-13 rating.

If you have large props, or a costume that limits your mobility, please let the  Director know in advance. If possible, please bring your own assistants to help you/it/them on and off stage as we have a limited number of helpers and can't guarantee they'll be available to assist.

Presentation Rules

Presentations have strict time limits. Solo entrants are limited to one minute. Two to six entrants (in one group) are limited to two minutes maximum. A group of seven or more may have a bit of additional time providing they clear it with the Director than the Pre-Fashion Show Meeting.

No materials or effects that will leave a mess on stage or in the green room, or that may ruin another entrant's costume, are allowed.

No live animals on stage, except for service animals. Sorry, Porthos. Sorry, Spot. Sorry, I-Chaya.

No pyrotechnics or any other open flames are allowed. Even if you are an energy entity.

All/all weapons must be peace-bonded when not on stage. If you plan on wielding your weapon as part of your presentation, you must advise the Director what exactly you plan on doing on stage at the Pre-Fashion Show Meeting. However, ritual combat is not allowed. Failure to talk to the Director can result in disqualification. Safety first! 

There will be NO live microphones on the stage. Due to the limitations of the room, we will not be able to special lighting needs beyond "lights up" and "lights down." All music will be "canned" Star Trek music from a variety of sources. Unfortunately we can't play specific music to play under your entry this year.

The MCs can read out a short piece of commentary/description before and/or during your number, if you wish. There is a section for your script on the MC form. Please print legibly, or type up something ahead of time to attach to the MC form.

If the MC will check in and meet with all entrants to confirm how to pronounce your name, how you want to be introduced, etc.