France Nuyen

France Nuyen began her acting career when she appeared as Liat in the Twelfth Century Fox and the Joshua Logan production South Pacific. This was followed by the title role in the original Broadway stage production of the world of Suzie Wong,  also directed by Joshua Logan, for which she received the Daniel Blum Award in 1958.

Among her numerous screen credits are Diamond Head, The Man in the Middle, Satan Never Sleeps, A Girl Named Tamiko and The Joy Luck Club.  She has over one hundred guest star appearances on television programs beginning with Ed Sullivan Show and Perry Como Show, and including Laugh In, The Merv Griffin Show, Dick Cavett Show, This is Your Life - Charles Heston and the Tonight Show. She also co-starred on NBC’s award winning series St. Elsewhere as Dr. Paulette Kiem and of course she portrayed the character of Elaan in TOS episode Elaan of Troyius.

Educated in her native country France at the Lycee Longchamp and Ecole des Beaux Arts, she came to America in 1956 and became a member of the Lee Strassberg Actors Studio in New York City.

At the Height of her career she decided to pursue further education, and attended California State University Los Angeles and Antioch University, earning a Master’s degree in psychology. She pursued her work with abused children, women in prison, delinquent youth, prostitutes and substance abusers in the Los Angeles city and county, as a result was awarded the “Woman of the Year”  commendation for the city of Los Angeles (1989).

In 1990 she was appointed to the Inter-Agency Council of Child Abuse and Neglect Policy Commitee by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Between 1981 and 2005 she received 17 commendations and awards for a dedicated work from L.A. County, the Governor of California, and California State Senate, among other agencies. Other awards include the Mensa Society, the Woman Warrior Award, the PACE Setter Award and most recently the Artivist Award.

Ms. Nuyen has extensive studies in cross cultural religion, Shamanism and folklore. She has donated countless hours as a volunteer worker in fields ranging from nature interpretation in the Santa Monica Mountains, workshops on self-image, working with childrens who are wards of the court, as well as philosophy, Shamanism and spiritual healing.

She has taught and counseled at the Women’s Penitentiary in Chino, California, and lectured throughout the United States in connection with her work and philosophy; and the dynamics of domestic violence and child abuse. In that capacity she has been a frequent on television and talk shows.

She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and serves on the Hollywood Board, and the National Board, of the Screen Actors Guild. She continues to enjoy acting and performing whenever possible.