John True

John True teaches biology and genetics and does genetic research at Stony Brook University, where he has been on the Faculty since 2001. He is originally from Western NY and got his B.S. at the University of Rochester. He got his PhD in Zoology/Genetics at Duke and did postdoctoral research at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. His research interest is in evolutionary genetics and has published >30 papers on speciation genetics, evolutionary developmental biology, and the developmental genetics of pigmentation, mostly using the Drosophila model system. He is also interested in the origin of life, and the possibility of life on other worlds. He is an SF/Fantasy fan since childhood and played 1st edition D&D back in the day, as well as other RPGs including Star Trek RPG and Champions. He currently enjoys anime (mainly One Piece; cosplaying Woop Slap at a con is on his bucket list), as well as Hearthstone and WoW. He has been a science panelist and speaker at I-CON.