Kavita Maharaj

Kavita Maharaj is a prolific fine artist who has become internationally known for her Spock Painting Series, based upon Star Trek™ – The Original Series (TOS). For more on this series, see here. Her work has expanded through the Trek universe to include both characters and ships from a variety of Star Trek™ iterations (such as TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Discovery etc.).  All of Kavita’s pieces are officially licensed by Paramount as Star Trek™ Collector items and can be found in a variety of countries across the globe (Canada, the US, Australia, Finland, Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Guernsey, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Trinidad & Tobago).

Kavita works primarily in the medium of acrylic paint on canvass, but remains ever responsive to the evolving expression of each piece. To this end, she frequently incorporates a variety of mediums such as graphite, watercolour pencils, acrylic inks and markers, into her pieces.

“Every piece is an exploration onto itself.  And to that end, each piece demands its own consideration regarding mark-making, medium, and approach.” – Kavita Maharaj

Kavita has a genuine passion for drawing that is immediately evident within her pieces. This passion, supported by her acute ability to observe, forms the basis of her skill in achieving arresting likenesses and expressiveness for her subjects.  Her abilities also act as the springboard for her unique style as she dextrously weaves drawn elements through her images.

Driven by her fascination with geometric pattern, colour theory, philosophy and causation, Kavita’s works are a conversation between artist and viewer that invokes internal contemplation regarding ‘self’ and one’s personal life journey.  A philosopher at heart, depth of meaning and the cultivation of wisdom is an important focus of Kavita’s works.

Her colour-handling is inspired by an acute interest in what she perceives beneath the visually obvious surface of things. As such, viewers are often presented with unexpected gifts upon closer examination of her work.

Kavita has been a producing artist for almost 30 years and has participated in several solo and group art shows along the way. She currently resides on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, with her husband, Daniel and their dog, Azul.  She has an honours Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art (Bfa) from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, majoring in print making.