Main Schedule
Hi, if you are here, you have a lot of confidence in me!
The schedule won't be up until a few weeks before the convention. Scroll down for a sneak peak of what we are working on now!
In the next few months we will do a call out for panelists and panel ideas so start thinking of what you want to see!
Can't wait until May 🙂

Leonard Nimoy: The Face of Trek

Nimoy historian and trekspert Bonnie Moss details the life of Trek legend Leonard NImoy, including exclusive, never before seen photos, from Leonard's life and work. Bonnie was personal friends with Leonard for 35 years and has a unique perspective on this wonderful Vulcan, er I mean human!

Trek to the Zone

Trek Zone specialists celebrate Trek actors who went to the Twilight Zone.

The Outer Limits of the Final Frontier

Outer Limits experts explore Trek actors who made it to the Outer Limits.

Espionage in Trek

From 007 to Section 31. How the spy genre influenced Trek.

Federation Sound Design

Shaping the sounds of the 23rd Century with Alan Howarth.

Trek: The Literary Frontier

Trek in novels and beyond with John Peel, Michael Jan Friedman, and Robb Pearlman.

Trek to Kindness

Trek Long Island Event Runner Stefanie Gangone interviews author Robb Pearlman about his Trek literary work (and more!) promoting diversity, inclusion, and kindness.

Make Up Man: An Interview with Michael Westmore (Zoom)

Bonnie Moss interviews make up legend Michael Westmore on his work, not only for Trek, but for the movie industry in general, and his time on SyFy's Face Off.