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Marty Abrams (the father of the modern action figure) has brought his iconic Mego toy brand
back! Mego started as a family business in 1954 as an importer of toys from Japan. When
Marty was named company president in 1969, he secured the licenses for both DC and Marvel
superheroes. Mego took that same successful approach in acquiring the licenses to some of
the most popular brands at the time which included Planet of The Apes and Trek. The
action figure/toy industry would never be the same!

Mego catapulted to unparalleled success at the time with this new strategy of licensed action
figures. The “action figure play pattern” – figures, vehicles, and matching play environments,
that Marty created, was replicated by every major toy brand at the time and still holds true in
today’s marketplace. With the multitude of different characters available, all reasonably
priced, Mego was able to truly create the mindset of – “Collect them all!”

The name “Mego” became synonymous with the term “action figure” throughout the 1970’s, and into the 1980’s. If you grew up during this time, you most certainly remember Mego! To this day, the Mego toy brand is still celebrated and loved by countless fans! Mego is one of those revered brands that has become part of the fabric of Pop Culture as we know it! In 2018, Marty decided the time was right to bring Mego back! Mego initially relaunched in the fall of that year. Today Mego action figures are now available at every major retailer in the United States and available worldwide! Mego once again has all your favorite characters! Explore our exciting line up of action figures from every genre imaginable – Superheroes, Horror, Pop Culture, Sci-Fi, and more at!

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