Nathan Skreslet

Nathan is the artist behind PixelWho and has been a Star Trek fan from an early age, as the numerous Starship drawings in the margins of his schoolbooks will attest. Nathan has been a professional graphic designer for nearly 25 years; with experience in graphic, concept, and commercial design, however he is
most known in geeky circles for his unique pixel art style. He has taken his graphic design and fine arts
background and combined it with his love of sci-fi shows to create unique and one-of-a-kind homages to the programs that have inspired him. He creates each and every single PixelWho piece through
painstakingly placing each individual colored square.
Nathan gained notoriety through his Doctor Who related artworks over the last two decades, including creating original fiction and book cover art for DW anthologies. He’s collaborated with the official BBC mobile game “Doctor Who: Legacy” and provided artwork for an entirely pixelated storyline within the
game called “Bigger on the Inside.” His work with the BBC has allowed PixelWho’s artwork to become
official and cannon to the extended Doctor Who Universe.
He has many other beloved fandoms and has provided concept art to several different projects as well as
writings to several non-Who books, including the “Outside In Boldly Goes” anthology. Most recently he provided cover art for Titan Comics’ official Robotech Remix Series. His dream job would be working as a production designer on Doctor Who, but not being British makes that unlikely. Perhaps Paramount needs some new ship designs…