Panel C 11 – 11:50am Sun

Join New York Times bestselling author Robb Pearlman and award-winning illustrator JK Woodward as they discuss their book, The Star Trek Book of Friendship: You Have Been, and Always Shall Be, My Friend: a fully authorized celebration of Star Trek’s most enduring and endearing friendships, including Kirk and Spock, Picard and Data, Janeway and Seven of Nine, Bashir and Garak, and more!

Moderated and joined by their friends and co-hosts of The Syfy Sistas podcast Yvette Blackmon Tom and Tamia Harper, this first of its kind panel will also celebrate how and why Star Trek has brought fans and friends together for more than half a century.

Stay till the end for a chance to win a signed copy of the book, or an original sketch that appeared in the book!