Panel D 8:00 – 8:50pm (sat)

Your Next Stop, The Twilight Zone

“65 Years in The Twilight Zone.” 2024 marks 65 years since the debut of one of television’s most influential series of science fiction and fantasy: The Twilight Zone. 2024 will also mark 100 years since the birth of The Twilight Zone’s creator, Rod Serling. Nicholas Parisi, author of ROD SERLING: HIS LIFE WORK AND IMAGINATION, will discuss the enormous footprint that the Twilight Zone has left on the pop culture landscape, as well as upcoming plans to honor the centennial of Rod Serling’s birth. Nick serves as president of the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation ( – a 501c3 charity that is dedicated to preserving and promoting Rod Serling’s contributions to the arts and humanities.

Moderator Billy Davis