Robin Curtis

2023 marks the fortieth year since Robin was cast as Lt. Saavik in STAR TREK
III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK, the thirty-eighth year since STAR TREK IV: THE
VOYAGE HOME and the thirtieth year since she was cast as Tallera in THE NEXT

Robin cherishes her lifelong and distinguished association with Star Trek and its
beloved fans. Her work in film, television, commercials, voiceover and theater
spanned over twenty years until she retired in 1999 and moved to Cincinnati.
There she first performed her one woman show: A GOOD GIRL, The Sexual
Odyssey of a Forty-Seven Year-Old Woman. (FYI, as she ages, so does the title
which is now The Sexual Odyssey of a Sixty-Six Year Old Woman. 🙂

2003 brought Robin home to her family in Cazenovia, NY, a small lake village
outside Syracuse. She became an Associate Broker with Hunt Real Estate ERA
and enjoys serving her clients! Living in a charming 1830’s village home, Robin’s
favorite things are dinner and cards with family, pickleball, reconnecting with old
friends, binging good shows with large bowl of homemade popcorn, dating
occasionally and serving on the Syracuse Stage Board.

Robin is grateful to be a guest and “going kindly” at Trek Long Island! She
hopes all who attend this weekend have a safe, healthy and happy time!