Volunteer Code of Conduct

Where to Be:
Hyatt Regency Long Island
1717 Motor Pkwy
Hauppauge, NY

What Time to Arrive:
Please arrive about 15-30 minutes in advance of your scheduled starting time(which will be sent/e-mailed to you soon). This will allow time to find a parking space, get prepared, and not be rushed before the work begins.

Where to Park:
Parking is in the hotel’s main car park.

Where to Check-in / Check-out:

Upon arrival, all volunteers must sign in at the Registration Check-In table

You will need to sign a Volunteer Agreement / Release form before you can work.
You must sign-out and return your volunteer pass when you are finished working.

What to Wear:
We recommend that you dress comfortably. Overall, the dress code is smart but
casual (i.e., jeans are fine). A volunteer access pass will be provided at the
Plan to be on your feet a great deal, so wear comfortable and supportive shoes.

What to Bring:
There will be a variety of snacks available but if there is something specific that
you will require, you may want to bring it yourself just to ensure that you have it.

What We Will Provide:
Water and snacks throughout the day. All volunteers will take scheduled breaks
for refreshments and dinner.

Few Things to Keep in Mind Throughout the Day:
Please remember that we are all there to work. While there will be celebrities and
notable people in attendance, this is not an opportunity for us to get pictures
taken with them or have them sign autographs for us free of charge.

If you want photo ops and/or autographs, please purchase them and let the
Volunteer Coordinator know when the time is – you will be allowed to the front of
the line to get your photo op and/or autograph and then can return to your duties.

Once we’ve agreed to a specific job, we need to stick with that assignment,
including working the complete shift.

When we take a break, we must have someone to cover our respective positions.
That person needs to know what is expected and how to do the job. If not, please
contact the Volunteer Coordinator to find a relief person. We should also keep
breaks to a reasonable amount of time.

If a situation becomes unmanageable, contact the Volunteer Coordinator (Lois),
Program Director (Edwin), or Event Runner (Stefanie) to assist and let them
handle the situation.

Politely tell the guest that you are looking for someone who can help them with
their problem, request, etc.

At no time may any volunteer consume alcohol at the event.

At the end of our commitment, we must make sure to check with the Volunteer
Coordinator to confirm that our commitment is complete.

If an emergency comes up and you need to leave, please notify the Volunteer
Coordinator, or have someone else do it for you. That helps to keep track of
everyone and whether there is a need somewhere else.

If it was arranged earlier that you would only work so long, then you still need to
notify the Volunteer Coordinator that you need to leave. Your position may need
to be covered by someone else.

The Most Important Rule of the Day:

Have fun! The above rules are meant to keep the event organized and help all of
us enjoy ourselves! THANK YOU for your support and commitment!

We appreciate YOU!